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International Activities

As the need for predictive and validated in vitro tests is clearly international, our Outreach programs actively address regulatory policy in countries outside the USA. IIVS is uniquely positioned to facilitate the extensive information exchange and scientific cooperation necessary for efficient acceptance and use of in vitro testing internationally. As industrial and commercial markets continually expand to new countries and consumers, products and ingredients once sold in limited regions are now sold within multiple countries- each having different technical needs and regulatory policy designed for ensuring the safety of these materials. Although some countries do not require animal testing and others have adopted the general principles of in vitro testing, many countries still require animal testing for certain chemicals and products to be sold within their borders, be they imported or locally manufactured. The IIVS International Outreach Program mission is to provide guidance, assistance and training to government agencies, domestic and international companies, and other interested parties seeking to implement and support non-animal testing methods.

An important aspect of IIVS’ International Outreach is our ability to foster relationships between the European, Asian, and South American in vitro testing communities and their counterparts in North America. Our active involvement in international programs naturally brings us into contact with stakeholders in many countries and enables us to provide an environment in which regulatory policy makers and industry representatives can meet each other to share knowledge and experience. IIVS’s interactions between international regulators and industry are supported by a second specific program, the IIVS Industry Council for the Advancement of Regulatory Acceptance of Alternatives (ICARAA). The ICARAA is made up of contributing member companies that have shown a significant interest in promoting non-animal testing on a global level. ICARAA is a working group developing specific efforts (both short and long term) to provide training, guidance and assistance to governmental agencies, regulatory policy makers, and to groups which seek to move to in vitro testing in place of current animal tests in use in their region. Contact us if you are interested in obtaining further information in supporting the International Outreach Program efforts, or becoming an ICARAA member company.